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もろもろの用事を終えました!TCKのイベントになんとか間に合いそう・・・ 盟友とばん馬を見てきます!
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[book][art] 切り絵の本『死の舞踏』(1922年)。どれも素晴らしい / “Ein Totentanz - Inhalt - Digitale Sammlungen”
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[ネタ][science][technology] 宇宙開発における願掛けや迷信の数々 / “Peanuts, Blackjack and Pee: Strangest Space Mission Superstitions | Wi…”
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RT @mPinoe: “@swalshy9: #gold” you really look hungry here! Haha I need a bigmac
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[cute][food][design] あああいい湯だ~ / “Fun With Rice and Curry [Dinner Time]”
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